PV module production - research & development

Jurawatt, Production of Solar Panels

Jurawatt Vertrieb GmbH produces polycrystalline solar modules. For this the company chose deliberately the location Germany; Jurawatt procures all machines as well as the complete technology exclusively from the J.v.G. Thoma group. The company invests consequently in the product development and has its own research department. The new extremely heat-resistant “Desert Module” produced at Jurawatt.

Jurasun - planing & installation of solar panels

Jurasun - a part of J.v.G. Thoma Group

Jurasun delivers complete systems and offers accomplishment from one source – starting with the first planning and conception to the roof mounting on the spot. At the advisory centre of Jurasun interested persons will learn everything regarding funding opportunities,financing and taxes. However, the experts check especially the facts on the spot and find the product that fits. Jurasun is premium dealer of Jurawatt and belongs the J.v.G. Thoma group.