Please note: This products are not for sale, only technology transfer for PV turn key production line customers.

The perfect photovoltaic solution for your own energy production!

From light bulbs to stereo systems - complete systems tailored to meet individual power requirements

What to do if there is no power supply connection? Quite simple - the solution is to generate and store it yourself and use it when needed. Whether you need power for lighting, a television, fan, refrigerator or washing machine, with the different „JvG Offgrid Solution-Box“ („energy keep it simple & safe“) models, this won‘t be a problem!

As the name already implies, the energy box consists of three components: PV modules that generate electricity using the sun, inverters that convert this electricity to alternating current and batteries that store the generated electricity - safe and simple.

Ideal for places without a public grid where one is inevitably dependent on self-sufficiency and selfgeneration.
SOLAR MODULES JvG Offgrid Solution-Box guarantees this selfsufficiency!

All components are assembled into a complete user-friendly system. Type 1 (direct current) offers the output required, for example, for 12 V energy-saving lamps and other 12 V devices. With types 2 to 4 (alternating current), the usable output amounts to a maximum of 2.000 W. This makes it possible to operate 230 V electrical devices like a normal power socket!

With one difference, however:

This electricity is definitely green because of its environmentally friendly generation!

offgrid-solution from JVG Thoma

Tailor-made – the "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box":

We assemble our complete energy system "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box" to meet your individual power requirements. Therefore you receive a customised and cost-efficient complete system – easy to operate and effective. All individual components can be purchased or ordered as required.