Please note: This products are not for sale, only technology transfer for PV turn key production line customers.

Your mobile power

Solar charging with pluggable (dischargeable) panels

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offgrid load

Load 12V DC/230V AC

  • 12V-Load maxi 100 W / 250W / 500 W /  750 W / 1000 W / 2000 W, for example for small fans
  • USB and / or 230-connection (without earthing contact)
  • 230-Load (without protective contact) max. 100 W for e.g. 230 V lamps, small fans, battery chargers, laptop etc.
  • e.g. can charge up to a max. of 10 mobile phones simultaneously

Additional Information

  • Max. 100 W for 5 V DC (via USB adapter) or 12 V DC or 230 V AC
  • Strap for carrying box, on-off switch for battery protection
  • Lead dry-cell battery, maintenance-free (10 Ah, 12 V DC)
  • When operating 100 W consumer max. 0.5 hours

NOTE: Operating hours depends on the different load, solar irradiance and the battery.

Technical datas

Technical datas offgrid