J. v. G. Automated Lay-Up LY-09

Automated Lay-Up for pv modules

1. Exact position

2. One person operation

3. Minimised breakage due to assisted handling of strings

4. Adjustable to different module- and cell sizes

System description:

Depending on production through- put, a fully automated LayUp is not always necessary. J.v.G. mechanised Lay-Up enables a single operator to align strings on the EVA-lined glass of a solar panel, achieving the precision of a fully automated system. The strings with both directions of polarisation are fed to the process via two string boxes. The strings are handled by means of height-adaptive suction grippers.

They are taken from the string boxes and are then aligned at the alignment station for subsequent precise placement on the module. Integrated string in spection. An integrated PLC controls pick and place actions of the strings and optionally features a SMEMA interface for process coordination with other machines. Ball transfer units allow feeding the glass panels sideways, roller conveyors can be raised to precisely transfer the product to the next station.


1. Insert and align glass to alignment edges

2. Insert EVA foil

3. Take 1st string from string box

4. Place string onto alignment station and align

5. Pick up aligned string and place on panel

6. Repeat for 2nd string with different polarisation

Technical datas:

1. Cell dimensions: 4“ bis 6“

2. Length of string: max. 1.900 mm

3. Module dimensions: max. 1.550 x 1.950 mm

4. Unit dimensions (WLH): 2.200 x 2.800 x 1.800

5. Weight: ca. 500 kg

6. Power supply: 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Automated Lay-Up for photovoltaic production

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