J.v.G. Tabber-Stringer 120 MIC - GT 600 ... for cells to 180 microns

Tabber Stringer 120 MIC-GT 600


01. seperate cell loading station for continuous loading of cells out of seven stack magazines

02. centering station and loading onto 1 or 2 tracks/lines

03. preparing, crimping, holding and correction of the soldering ribbons, with all holders and flux facilities

04. special ribbon treatment for extra thin cells

05. 2 or 3 busbars (3 busbar: option)

06. infrared soldering heads, vision system after soldering: option

07. control of: - soldering temperature and time profile / - pressure and time for clamping unit / - cooling temperature and time profile

08. cell transport in 1 or 2 lines, onto special conveyor belt with vaccum, with continuous and controlled pre-heating

09. string indexing on 1 or 2 tracks

10. direkt lay-up: option

11. standard – boxes for the strings

12. with PLC and PC, integrated control with touch panel with latest software

13. fault diagnosis via modem and via internet

14. system built to international safety regulations and CE

15. prepared for up to 8“ cells

16. up to 3 busbars per cell

17. technical supplied in hard & soft copy

18. documentation in English and German


01. lay-up

02. third ribbon

03. stretching device

04. execute load facility (up to 1500 cells)

05. 180 degree turn unit

06. bend between cells

07. string vision system

08. robot lay-up (Kuka or JvG)

09. robot busing (Kuka or JvG)

10. six pieces of fluxer (Piezzo)

11. inline flash feature

12. string centering

13. double stringer extension

14. quad stringer extensions

The ultimate solution for 3.000 cells per hour (quad version)

The GT-Stringer assembles cells up to 8“

The well-tested infared soldering process guarantees best precision soldering of solar cells within a stable, monitored process window. Cells are handled with sensitive care and through profiled temperature curves and time curves, stress is reduced to a minimum.

The solder control unit determines and monitores all processes. All datas are displayed and automatically logged in an internal data base to be used e.g. for statistics an quality purposes. Our software PV Control has interface to our stringer and stores all important datas in our SQL data base.

Specification datas:

01. cells per string: up to 12 pieces at a 6“ cell size;

02. between cells: range:1,5 to 50 mm (0,06“ to 1,9“)

03. string length: standard 2 meters, endless possible; as option

04. loading magazines: 7 pieces in standard version; bigger 7 pieces possible; option


01. vision control after soldering

02. vision control in lay-up

03. additional more magazines

04. double stringer

05. quad stringer

06. automated layup; robot layup; quad layup (robots)

07. three busbars (3BB cells) - ask for your special demand

Solar cell characteristics:

01. cell dimension square or semi square: up to 210 x 210 mm +/- 0,5 mm

02. cell thickness: max. 300 μm; min. 120 μm

03. metal alignment to cell: +/- 120 μm

04. flatness: +/- 1mm

05. material: poly or mono-crystalline silicon

06. type of contact: front & rear side connecting

07. ribbons: typical 25 μm / 20 μm

08. busbars: 2 busbars is standard, 3 busbars: option

Infrared soldering

This tested infrared soldering process from top and bottom guarantees best results and less broken cells.

The patented pre-heating- and downheating unit makes it possible to solder similar to a „reflow“ solder process. The process is very broad and stable. All parameters are stored in our internal data base. Temperature is controlled with the control unit/PC very accurately, reducing the cell stress to an absolute minimum. While the cells are heated up with a controlled profile, soldering temperature is transferred to the cell, only the solder points achieving reliable solder joints.

The integrated pre-heating of the cells makes the process much more stabile, because we only need a solder peak at the solder points. Special lamps enable a stress free solderding (patent is pending).

Controlled heating cooling after the soldering makes sure that the soldered ribbons do not shrink too fast and do not stress the cells too much.

So we can even solder very thin cells. With the special ribbon solder treatment (stretching) the stress is reduced to an absolute minimum with our patented solder solution. Another patent for the stress free soldering is pending. This method was developed with ATN, Dr. Niemeier, a well known solder specialist. Our stringer implements also this patent solutions.

Another important feature is our integrated ribbon stretch unit. So every ribbon can be used (even bended ribbons).

Tabber Stringer for solar modules

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