Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Hans Thoma
e-mail: h.thoma(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Dipl.-Ing Patrick Thoma
e-mail: p.thoma(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Sales North Africa and Arabic region

Mr. Memo Mohammed Saad
e-mail: m.saad(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Sales Africa and USA region

Mr. Stefan Heiber
e-mail: s.heiber(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Sales Germany and the rest of Europe

Mr. Robert Schwab
e-mail: r.schwab(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Research & development

Mrs. Dr. Claudia Gemmel


Mrs. Miriam Thoma
e-mail: m.thoma(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

Mrs. Monika Riesner
e-mail: m.riesner(at)jvgthoma(dot)de


Mrs. Birgit Thoma
e-mail: b.thoma(at)jvgthoma(dot)de

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