DESERT step 2 - glass / glass - modules

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Conventional modules are covered on the front side by transparent glass and the rear side consists of a plastic film. In glass / glass modules, the film at the rear is replaced by a second glass panel. This makes it highly robust and durable.

The benefits
- 2 mm cover glass, 2 mm glass on the back side 
- designed for deployment worldwide
- large temperature range and high atmospheric humidity
- extreme stability and durability
- precise symmetry
- no cell breakage
- less material and low weight, 10 kg/m2 
- frameless: better load distribution, less risk of breakage with wind and snow loads 
- simplified sub-construction (ideal for car ports, glasshouses and in-roof systems)
- llexibility with the design and dimensions 
- PID free

Glass / film modules cooled as well as glass / glass modules cooled

glass  glass modules

These modules have all the benefits of the glass / film design variants. At the same time, they counter the fact effectively that the efficiency of modules diminishes with rising temperature. By cooling, the utilisation may be enhanced by up to 25 %.

Module technology - DESERT step 2