The basic version - a solid foundation

As a general rule, each user has to log themselves in. At each station a plausibility check is performed (expanded configuration).

Each data collection station writes date, time and operator information etc. into the record and checks whether all downstream data collections have been performed with status "PASS". If this is not the case, an acknowledgeable error message appers, and the solar module in question has to be removed and routed to the repair station.

There are data collection stations that each module must only pass once, others can be passed N times (e.g. repair stations), where N+1 triggers an error message.

Exemplary configuration of a 20 - 25 MW Line - J. v. G. "PV Control" stations

1. Start of data collection (barcode label)
2. Cell loading /  data collection
3. Collection of laminator data
4. Checks (high pot test and final check - 2 separate stations)
5. Repair station
6. Consignment station
7. Shift log / main computer

Additional stations are optionally available.