Failure proofing your production: how to weather IT problems

Downtimes are expensive, and interruptoins lead to frictional losses. Though we know that failures cannot be ruled out on principle, IT problems mustn`t hinder the smooth flow of your production processes. Even if your IT system should be partially or entirely unavailable, your processes must continue unimpaired. To put it simply: You must always be able to produce modules and deliver them to your distrubtion warehouse.

The starter package for ultimate safety

Our basic package comprises a server with UPS and RAID hard disk systems. This means that a second computer which under normal conditoins is used as a wordstation has been set-up and pre-configured as a backup server. In the event of a failure the backup system can be manually activated to take over the primary server`s tasks.

"Fast Recovery" option

Since the secondary system runs continuously in the background it is always available as a standby server. The main database you are presently using is permanently replicated. Depending on hardware configuration the backup server can be a separate dedicated machine or, for example, the shift supervisor`s system.

"High Availability" option

Each program or screen is running on each one of the networked comupters. Hence, if a workstation should fail, all of the remaining systems can temporarily take over the failed functionality. If the server goes down so does the database - a condition that is immediately signaled on the workstation concerned. As a result, the workstation switches to Autonomous Mode. In this mode all data created by the system are cached until the database is up and running again. The cached data can then be easily synchronized.