Documented manufacturing processes

Today, it is not only essential that processes run precisely and reliably - they must also be traceable at all times. Given a warranty period of 20 years and more, it is indispensable to continuously document all aspects of manufacturing.

This includes:

- Allocating individual properties of raw, auxiliary and working materials (e.g. supplier, batch)
- Keeping a shift log
- Providing a search functionality for stored properties to streamline complaints handling

Main features - summary

- Remote maintenance (on-demand connection to the Inernet)
- Runs on standard PC architectures (preferably Linux-based)
- Period of data storage: min 20 years
- Size of database: max. 0.5TB
- Barcode label with individual, continuous serial number

Data stations

- Integrated into machine software
- PC incl. scanner within production process
- PC incl. scanner / printer outside production process
- PC-based shift supervision (log, status)
- PC-based consignment: compression and generation of shipping documents
- PC-based incoming goods management

Software features and components

Our software offers the following features / components:

- Database
- Basic administration
- Incoming goods management
- Supplier management
- Incoming goods QA management
- Inventory management (elementary)
- Stocktaking module
- Packaging / consignment
- Shift supervisor module
- Maintenance
- To-do list (internal)
- Repoitory of ideas (internal)

User roles

The system supports various user roles, e.g.:

- Administrator
- Plant manager
- Shift supervisor
- Maintenance specialist
- Machine operator