Customized solutions for data collection

Our proprietary monitoring unit "PV Control" can be expanded step by step to achieve an industry solution that covers the entire production planning of a solar module manufacturing plant. In its basic version it is exclusively used for collecting and storing production data. Further capabilities, e.g. delivery note preparation, inventory managment, production planning, order prcessing, jop-order costing and financial management interfaces, can be flexibly added any time and you need them.

Production precess and traceability

Solar modules are mostly backed by a performance warranty of 20 years or more. It is therefore crucial to carefully examine all materials and process them using stable and controlled manufacturing methods.

To ensure accountability, all manufacturing processes should be thououghly documented. This does no only include allocating individual properties of raw, auxiliary and working materials, suppliers, batch numbers etc., but also a keeping a shift log, ensuring traceability and providing a search function for stroed attributes to streamline complaints handling.