Custom-made production data loggin - solar

pv control

The J. v. G. PV Control system has followed an evolutionary path to realization. In its basic version, the system is solely used for collecting and stroing production data. Optionally, and on a step-by-step basis, it can be augmented by additional functionalities for delivery note generation, warehouse stock management, production planning, order managment, order calculation, or a finanical accounting interface. On its highest configuration level, the system offers a tailor-made industry solution for all stages of the production planning process for solar module facilities.

Brief description, production process and explanation of tasks

Traceable photovoltaic modules typically have a surface area of up to 2 x 1 meters. Behind a glass panel a number of solar cells are arrayed in a matrix and electrically interconnected. Various laminated transparent films are used to ensure mechanical fixation, seal the array against environmental influences like rain etc. and allow for the necessary compensation for expansion caused by fluctuating temperatures. The sandwiched structure of glass panel, solar cells and laminated films is surrounded by an aluminium frame and on its back provided with a junction box for load-side connection. The junction box also includes a protective circuit and, optinally, smart electronic components.