Innovations smithy J.v.G. Thoma GmbH presents the new LED Basic 2.0 XBB Flasher for module manufacturing

LED Flasher

With the innovative J.v.G. LED Basic 2.0 XBB Flasher each module is tested not just once, but five times in one go. From this an average is derived which in turn will ensure that the results are more accurate. And that means, later for the dimensioning all wiring connections can be done much more precisely. The advantage is that the LED variant requires less time to determine these five test results than a common flasher for only one test cycle.

Technical improvements and developments reserved.

Specification datas:

01. Light Source: LED pulsed lights

02. Life time of a lamp: 5.000.000 flash times

03. Full area intensity: 70 to 120 mW/cm

04. Correction: Automatically correct against to temperature and power drift to standard condition.
Also long pulse flash possible to measure thinfilm.

Measures the following parameters:
- open circuit voltage (Voc)
- short circuit current (Isc)
- peak power
- current and voltage at peak power (Impp and Vmpp)
- Module temperature (Temp.)

05. Temporal Stability: less than +/- 2 % (B class)

06. Illumination Uniformity (spatial): less than +/- 4 % (B class)

07. Test either: crystalline or thin films modules and cells

- Label printer included with software
- Barcode reader for module serial numer included

10. Outer Dimensions, Measurement area: (2600 x 1800 x 1000) mm / (2000 x 1200) mm

11. Weight: 300 kg

12. Measurement range and resolution of voltage: 0.1 - 100 V

13. Measurement range and resolution of current: 0.1 - 25 A

14. Measurement range of modules: 40W to 500W

15. Yield measurement possible (even for days)

Basic Price starts with 29.000.- Euro
With Options also higher prices possible


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