Mass production of J.v.G. Desert Modules commences

19.01.2015 - Freystadt/Oberpfalz – J.v.G. Thoma is celebrating another production roll-out now that mass production of the Desert Modules has commenced. The modules were ready for series production in the last quarter of 2012. Now they are being supplied to several countries that are predestined for this module type: Egypt, Morocco, Sri Lanka, India and Turkey. All of them are countries with extremely hot climates,... Read more »

Desert solar container for extreme conditions

Desert solar container for extreme conditions 01.10.2014 - J.v.G. Desert solar container!

- Technology made in Germany
- only German products
- high reliability
- designed for extreme conditions

Unique technology in the world:

- 15 kW modules
- 2... Read more »

Solar module factory for Romania

Solar module factory for Romania 16.07.2014 - Leading technology by J.v.G. contributes to the development of solar energy in Romania

Freystadt, Germany – J.v.G. sells a specialist PV line to Romania.

Bavarian solar specialist J.v.G. has sold a six megawatt PV line to Romania. It incorporates an innovative LED flasher. The operator of the future factory has so far manufactured special PV modules with easy-to-plan dimensions for roof-top... Read more »

Solar factory - PV production in Estonia

Solar factory - PV production in Estonia 26.05.2014 - Freystadt, Oberpfalz – The next solar factory, “made by J.v.G. Thoma” is already coming into being – this time in Estonia, the northernmost Baltic state. The plant should generate 15 MW and above all deliver modules to the Baltic states as well as Russia.

The first very promising discussions with so-called EPC companies to construct the power plants are already being carried out. The production... Read more »