Solar production line for Morocco

Solar production line for Morocco 25.03.2014 - Solar Technology from J.v.G. Thoma meets the Moroccan climate: a perfect connection

Freystadt, Upper Palatinate (Oberpfalz) – The Bavarian solar specialist J.v.G. shall be supplying the most modern production line by far, at present, for PV modules in the whole of Morocco at the end of February / beginning of March. In future, quality high-class premium solar pv panels shall be produced in Morocco... Read more »

Solar power plant in Nigeria

Solar power plant in Nigeria 18.02.2014 - The Desert Technology of J.v.G. Thoma is moving forward in Africa

Freystadt, Oberpfalz – Just a few months ago, J.v.G. Thoma reported the first plant using the Desert Process was on the way to Nigeria. In the meantime, everyone has been working hard and partly under extreme conditions. The plant was accepted at the end of October. Manufacturing can now start.

The World Bank financing this... Read more »

Turnkey PV line in Estonia

Turnkey PV line in Estonia 25.09.2013 - Freystadt, Oberpfalz – The next solar factory, “made by J.v.G. Thoma” is already coming into being – this time in Estonia, the northernmost Baltic state. The plant should generate 15 MW and above all deliver modules to the Baltic states as well as Russia.

The first very promising discussions with so called EPC companies to construct the power plants are already being carried out. The production... Read more »

New lamination technology for solar module production

New lamination technology for solar module production 13.08.2013 - Freystadt, Oberpfalz – Faster, better, and smart: soon innovative multi-stage lamination technique with cooling technology is to complement the product range of J.v.G. Thoma GmbH. The procedure is significant for installations above 100 MW capacity, and of special interest for Glass/ Glass modules and so-called hybrid modules. But even enterprises engaged in the HPTP sector (Desert modules) can benefit... Read more »