20 MW Solar production line used20 MW Solar production line used

20 MW Solar production line used

PV production line with 20 MW

  • – Robot layup from stringer to panel
  • Automated glass feed in
  • Automated panel feed out
  • Layup direct from stringer
  • Only 1 person for stringer, glass feeding, layup

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With automated foil cutting:

– Stand alone machine- No workers needed- Automated lays cute foils in a box

Automated laminator:

– 3 panels in one load- Automated feed in- Automated feed out

– Complete production „inline“- All necessary machines included (stringing, layup, busing, lamination, trimming, taping, framing, boxing, flashing, hi-pot etc.)- Complete line can be shown in our factory with the final layout

Photos: Impressions from the stringing / layup combination.Because of customer requests we install the complete line for demonstration case in our halls.

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Join our free E-Course and Learn how to build our own high profitable solar modules production line. It's free!

You are interested to build your own high profitable solar module production line?