25 mw photovoltaic manufacturing line premium

25 MW Photovoltaic Manufacturing Line - Premium with DESERT Technology

  • Factory layout; buildings, building services engineering, process and plant technology
  • Comprehensive engineering services ranging from design to installation and implementation control
  • Project managment / project controlling

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25 MW Photovoltaic Manufacturing Line - Premium includes the following machines:

1. Preparing Station
2. Prepairstation
3. Stringer
4. Glass Washing Station + Foil App
5. Layup
6. Foil Cutting Station
7. Conveyer
8. Busing Station
9. EL-Tester Inline
10. Turningstation
11. Conveyer Inlet
12. Laminator
13. Cooling
14. Trimming Station
15. Framer
16. Junctionbox Station
17. J-Box Silicon Robot
18. Hipot Test Station
19. Climate Conveyer
20. LED Flasher
21. EL-Tester Basic
22. Inspectiontable

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