DESERT Technology - a development having potential

In the future solar panels will be installed where the sun is! In hot areas with „desert like“ climates or in hot and wet „tropic areas“. Normal panels are made for moderate temperatures and climates like Germany.

90% of all panels wich are older than 12 years are installed in the mid of Europe / Germany. This means all long term experiences with normal panels are made in moderate climates (0-25° C).

The J.v.G. technology DESERT solar panel is the only panel with a long term experience (over 10 years research, development and more than 5 years in mass production).

The DESERT Module Technology™ achieves with the help of the so-called high-power temperature process considerable performance enhancement versus comparable modules.

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General Benefits of the J.v.G. DESERT Module

1. Stringer
2. Repairstation
3. Layup, Busing and Glass Prepare Station
4. Foil Cutting Station
5. Conveyer
6. Laminator
7. Cooling
8. Trimming
9. Framer
10. Junctionbox Station
11. LED Flasher
12. Inspectionstable

  • High temperature up to 125 °C continuous
  • Long service life: up to 75 years, guaranteed 45 years
  • 100 % recyclable
  • Higher yield (in 30 years over 50%)
  • At present, already 5 % more power than conventional modules
  • Sandstorm Resistance
  • Anti reflex

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