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Why a desert tropic module? Solar energy, today, is being produced all over the world. Nonetheless, it is particularly in the regions in which the sun has the maximum power that modules are often exposed to extraordinary stresses.

Extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, high atmospheric humidity, strong winds and sand-storms.

In several cases, off-grid deployment is also necessary here. J.v.G. has dedicated itself to developing module technologies that are adapted specifically to withstand these extreme conditions.

The Desert Module Technology™ achieves with the help of the so-called high-power temperature process considerable performance enhancement versus comparable modules.

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desert tropic pv panel

DESERT PV-module types 1 to 4

desert tropic module pv panels
  • DESERT-1: Module designed in glass/foil structure. With Diamond DESERT foil. Standard version.
  • DESERT-2 PV panel: Panel/module designed in glass/glass (2 mm) structure with Diamond DESERT foil. Premium version.
  • DESERT-3 PV panel: Panel/module designed as Hybrid module; means PV combined with thermal collector.
  • DESERT-4 PV all: Panel/modules designed with DESERT solar all; in mono or multi version. With Diamond DESERT foil.

DESERT 5 PV extensions

High irradiation generates more current and more power in solar modules, but also electrical resistive losses are increase, reoptimizing cell type and size as well as cell interconnectors allows to increase module power and energy yield. Furthermore higher irradiation leads to increased module temperature which reduces energy module. Passive and active cooling of modules is an interesting for increasing energy yield and module performance.

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Specific environmental conditions DESERT®/TROPIC®

The sun light received by the earth travels through the earth’ atmosphere. As the optical path length from sun to earth’ equator is shorter as the path length B from sun to Northern Europe, less photons are absorbed by the earth’ atmosphere. This is the reason why in so called Sun Belt regions the irradiation is higher.

High irradiation generates high current and thereby high power in solar modules. But the higher current also leads to a higher resistance in the electrical conductors inside the module and the solar cells. In the J.v.G. technology DESERT Modules the solar cells as well as the busbars between the cells are optimized to reduce the electrical resistance and thus reach an increased module power and energy yield.

DESERT PV-module types 6 to 9

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Solar Panel

In the Sun Belt regions, the solar modules must withstand higher UV irradiation doses. Since all polymer materials are in general sensitive to UV illumination, the materials for DESERT Modules must be carefully selected to resist this impact. Regarding standard module materials, high UV doses can lead to brittleness of backsheets, as well as browning of EVA material. The J.v.G. technology Diamond DESERT Foil as well as the DESERT backsheet have excellent durability properties under UV exposure.

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  • TROPIC panel

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