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Mono-Crystalline Or Poly-Crystalline: Which Module Is Better

Mono-crystalline or poly-crystalline - which module type is better? This question, in fact, can not be answered since it depends on the area of application.

The difference lies, to begin with, in the crystal structure: poly-crystalline cells consist of wafers that do not have the same orientation all over the crystals. They are produced, for example, using molding techniques.

With an efficiency of up to 27 percent, mono-crystalline solar cells are the most effective solar cells with direct sunlight. They are highly suitable when only limited roof surface area is available or when very high power needs to be achieved. However, mono-crystalline modules are comparatively expensive on account of their sophisticated production techniques. And: their performance deteriorates with diffuse light. This is a disadvantage particularly in case of roof surface areas that are not directly aligned towards the south.

Poly-crystalline modules, in contrast, do not have such a high level of efficiency, but they are considerably cheaper. This is why they are also the most frequently installed modules at present. They crystal structure is characteristic; it allows the poly-crystalline solar modules to reflect strongly in sunlight.

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