Years of experience and a wide range of know-how

In 1997 Hans Thoma launched the J.v.G. technology GmbH with the design and construction of special machinery, soldering and automated coating systems. Just on year after its creation the company entered the solar market. In the wake of this decision J.v.G. technology experienced a rapid and dynamic development. In 2000 the first turn-key plant sections were produced, followed by the first complete system for the production of solar modules in 2001.

Since 2003 J.v.G. technology GmbH has been advising numerous companies on all aspects of turn-key solar systems. Nowadays J.v.G. technology is an enterprise with a solid foundation and strong expertise in a market which is determined by permanent development and progress.

The business development

1997 - Design and construction of special machines, soldering, coating machines

1998 - First plant for the solar industry

2000 - First subsystems in the field solar

2001 - Complete plant for solar - module production

2003 - Advice "turnkey solar systems"

2005 - Founded J.v.G. technology solar technology, now Jurasun GmbH

2009 - Foundation of Jurawatt GmbH