Please note: This products are not for sale, only technology transfer for PV turn key production line customers.

Jurawatt Desert solar container

Jurawatt Desert solar container

1. JWDC (Jurawatt Desert solar container) - 10:

- 10 kW Jurawatt DESERT solar modules (details see data sheets on this homepage)
- 10 kW solar container - 20 feet     

Steel standard container ISO 20’ suitable for all types of cargo and bearing the photovoltaic modules, battery, electric equipments and the PV support structure, having specifications listed below:

- Pre-fabricated modules support structure in hot galvanised steel profiled tubing and connected via bolted joints among each element and to the container.

Battery with lead-acid cells type A602 SOLAR

  • Type 1695 Solar
  • premium range battery developed especifically for applications where severe cycling is required extraordinary
  • energy-saving features in addition to robust reliability
  • Gel sealed technology  
  • Tubular positive plates
  • nominal capacity at C10 1,363 Ah
  • nominal capacity at C100 1,695 Ah
  • nominal voltage each cell 2 V
  • Number of cells 24
  • nominal voltage whole battery 48 V
  • 8 years life expected

Inverter/Charger XT 6000-48
  • Inverter-charger true sine wave voltage
  • fully automatic pure sine wave inverters/battery chargers/transfer system
  • the inverter converts the battery voltage to AC voltage for all electrical appliances
  • high power charger that supplies charge current to the battery from the grid or auxiliary generator
  • automatic transfer system that manages the available power  
  • high and steady efficiency
  • outstanding overload capability, thanks to the combined use of a toroidal transformer and a MOS power stage
  • ultra-fast regulation and microprocessor controlled
  • 2-year limited product warranty

Solar battery charger VT-65 with MPPT
  • extract all the PV power from the modules
  • recommended max power input from PV field 4.000 Wp(@ STC
  • nominal battery voltage 48 V  
  • 150 V DC @ Voc max input operating voltage
  • min. input operating voltage +7 V actual battery voltage
  • 65 A max. output current
  • 98% max. efficiency
  • operating temperature -20 ... + 55°C
  • 2-year limited product warranty

5 kW motor generator (optional)
  • Honda EG range are electric genarators specifically designed for the professional user to provide unrivalled reliability and performance
  • Type: open Frame  
  • max. output 5,5 kW
  • continuous output 5,0 kW  
  • output voltage 115/230 V  
  • frequency 50 Hz  
  • power stability with Digital AVR Output®  
  • engine type GX390
  • single cylinder
  • 4-stroke OHV air cooled type
  • oil capacity 1,1 litre with Oil Alert®
  • Recoil starter system
  • dry weight 83 kg
  • noise Level 85 dB

60 days delivery time.

Irrevocable letter of credit: details to be agreed.

  • 30 years for PV modules
  • 2 years for inverters, battery chargers and battery
  • 2 years for motor generator
  • 1 year for the remaining components

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