Please note: This products are not for sale, only technology transfer for PV turn key production line customers.

Simply "plug & play"

offgrid solution box

The "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box" is connected quickly and easily:
Simply connect the box elements with the cable, flip the switch and the light turns on! All four variants offer - depending on the Energy-Box features - a maximum output of 400 to 2.000 W. With the "Solution-Box" type I, for example, a row with up to three installed modules and up to eight batteries is possible, type IV offers the possibility of up to 4 rows with 3 modules each and up to sixteen batteries generating and storing solar electricity. The latter type with the highest output of 2.000 W can even power a washing machine.

Proven and tested photovoltaic technology

Of course, an important part of the "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box" are the employed modules that convert sunlight
into electricity. In our case, these modules are polycrystalline JvG OFFGRID modules. Up to nine of these modules can be connected to the "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box".

offgrid TEC-approved

Highly capable and compliant – "TEC-approved – JvG SOLAR-developed"

The main actors of the "JvG Offgrid Solution-Box" are the JvG OFFGRID modules. This is why they were also tested for reliability and performance in exemplary extreme situations by the TEC Institute for Technical Innovation, headquartered in Bavaria, Waldaschaff. These tests are performed under realistic conditions for longer periods of at least six months to one year. Whether exposed to heat and cold or destructive environ- mental influences such as an ammonia atmosphere – the JvG OFFGRID modules passed all resilience tests with flying colours. TEC work to optimise products and provide quality assurance, among others on behalf of the J.v.G. Thoma GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of state-of-the-art solar technology in Germany and Europe.