DESERT Technology with J.v.G. Diamond DESERT Foil

DESERT Technology with J.v.G. Diamond DESERT Foil

Continuous research and development plays a major role in opening up new possibilities in the manufacturing of solar modules. At J.v.G. technology GmbH we consider it our job to be a pacemaker in this process.

For this reason, the data and measurements given in this product data sheet can be subject to change at short notice. No legal claims may be derived from the contents of these product data sheets. J.v.G. technology GmbH assumes no liability for the usage of the information contained therein or for any consequences resulting there from.

DESERT Advantages

Photovoltaic using J.v.G.Diamond DESERT Foil

» 100% no PID
» Maximum (sustained) temperature 125°C average and 145°C (maximum 5 minutes)
» Proven German/Bavarian quality

Processing Advantages

Processing Advantages - Lamination Cycle Time Comparison

No crosslinking during lamination
» Up to 30% reduced cycle time
» Increased yields and capacity
» reduced conversion costs

Performance Advantages

J.v.G. Diamond DESERT Foil

J.v.G. Diamond DESERT Foils provide significantly improved electrical performance. High volume resistivity and low leakage current improve electrical insulation and enable „PID Zero“ performance. As illustrated in the figures below, improved electrical performance results in increasing energy yield.

Key Technical Attributes

Key Technical Attributes - Diamond DESERT Foil

» 10-20x lower Water Vapor Transmission Rate (WVTR)
» Outstanding Volume Resistivity
» No generation of acetic acid
» Non-yellowing

Performance Advantages

PID Performance (85% RH, 85°C, -1000V, 48 Hours)

» Significantly reduced degradation rates
» „PID Zero“performance

>3% more power

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