NEW! J. v. G. Thoma Stringer

NEW! J. v. G. Thoma Stringer


With our new stringer we offer a machine that can make up to 12 bus bar technology!

The bus bar section of the stringer is separated to the rest of the machine, this means we are able to make changes on the bus bar technology without changing the whole machine.

Upgrades in the future will be very easy.

For stringers in the past always it was very complicated to change the bus bar technology (from 2->3, from 3->4, from 4->5 and so on). So many customers had to pay for completely new machines.

With our technology you get a stringer with the following characteristics:
- Very fast with only one band (1.200 cells /h)
- 2.400 cells with a double stringer design
- DESERT soldering section (less stress, less breakage, better power output in the panel)
- Up to 12 bus bar design (upgradeable)
- Easy to operate
- Cheap and easy spar parts

More informations:

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