J.v.G. Cooling AUTO 2012 (Climate)

J.v.G. Cooling AUTO 2012 (Climate)


This machine is a new revolutionary cooling & heating facility for the module production.

The advantage is a better lamination result, the modules are in a much higher quality. J.v.G. invented this in 2008. Modules have a longer lifetime, better against delamination and finally more yield.

The cooling process is automated, with FIFO (first in first out) principle. Hand cooling is not defined, not repeatable and not unique made. The cooling station also extends the capacity of the laminator.

Fully automated Interfaces to laminators, already realized are Nishinbo- Spaleck, ECO and J. v. G. BIPV 3622-laminators.

Same machine is also used as climate chamber before Flasher. (25°C).

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