Our services at a glance

  • Business plans and conceptual studies for silicon factories; ingot / wafer, cell and module production
  • Factory layout; buildings, building services engineering, process and plant technology
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Comprehensive engineering services ranging from design to installation and implementation control
  • Project managment / project controlling
  • Investor contact (partly)

Exemplary set-up of a 20 - 25 MW line (partly automated)

set-up 20 - 25 MW line
We have been over 20 Years Experience in making Solar Business Plans.
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The J.v.G. technology offerings at a glance

0. EVA + Tedlar cutting table
1. Packaging; output
2. Flasher; inline
3. Junction box with High pot test, partly automated
4. Fully automated framing unit
5. Trimming station, partly automated
6. Buffer; inline
7. Innovative cooling unit
8. Innovative laminating unit
9. Stringer with patented soldering soldering technique
10. Lay-up
11. Washing unit with integrated EVA feeder