J. v. G. Busing station

Busing or connecting the strings to a complete module is mostly done by hand. Even big module producers make hand hotbar soldering. So the process is not unique, not repeatable and causes lot of failures.

The J.v.G. technology solution for busing offers a semi automated busing process, which gives a high level, steadily process quality. The solder process is 100 percent fully automated. The solder system is realized with inductive soldering, with professional control unit, cooling unit and induction coil for the soldering. In tests with lot of big European module producers we compared laser-, hotiron-, light- and infrared-, with induction-soldering. The result was very clear: Best solder results give the induction soldering.

Also the process has a very wide process window, so nearly nothing can be made wrong. Lot of our customers use now these inductions soldering process and have best module qualities (proofed by Stiftung Warentest, a German institute – trademark).

Specification datas:

1. Semi automated version and fully automated version

2. Automated solder process (induction soldering)

3. 180 degree turn with option “motor controlled”

4. 30 - 40 MW capacity with two operators

5. Variable size of glass: minimum 600 mm x 1.200 mm / maximum 2.000 mm x 1.000 mm

6. Dimension of the busing station: length about 2,5 m / broad about 2,5 m

7. Two passive or active (option) conveyor units

8. Rotating table with two soldering position

9. Electrical controlled

10. All sensors and stoppers included

11. Holders for busbars included

12. Cut station for busbar included

13. One piece of induction, solder station included; option: secund induction station

Technical datas:

1. 4 - 8 kW maximum power consumption

2. 400 Volt alternate current

3. three phase ; neutral, earth

4. 50 Hz ; option: 60 Hz

Busing station for solar manufacturing

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