New J.v.G.LED Flasher

J.v.G.LED Flasher

With our new flasher we offer a machine that can make up to 120 MW panel capacity!

Our LED technology is very high reliable and can make about 10 times more flashes with one lamp compared to a XENON flasher.

With our „multi flash technology“ we can make the result of each panel much more accurate than with a normal Xenon flasher.

With our technology you get a Flasher with the following characteristics:
- Very fast (up to 120 MW)
- Multi flash (more flashes for one panel to make the result more reliable)
- More than 2 million flashes with one set of lamps (low maintenance)
- Available in 3 versions: Production (cheap solution), BBB, AAA (high class for research and test institutes)

You are interested in our J.v.G. LED Flasher?
Please contact us via the form, per email or phone +49 (0) 91 79 - 96 38 06 - Mr. Robert Schwab.


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