New J.v.G. 12 BB Stringer

With our new stringer we offer a machine that can make up to 12 bus bar technology!

The bus bar section of the stringer is separated to the rest of the machine, this means we are able to make changes on the bus bar technology without changing the whole machine.

Upgrades in the future will be very easy.

For stringers in the past always it was very complicated to change the bus bar technology (from 2->3, from 3->4, from 4->5 and so on). So many customers had to pay for completely new machines.

With our technology you get a stringer with the following characteristics:
- Very fast with only one band (1.200 cells /h)
- 2.400 cells with a double stringer design
- DESERT soldering section (less stress, less breakage, better power output in the panel)
- Up to 12 bus bar design (upgradeable)
- Easy to operate
- Cheap and easy spar parts
Faster - Endless String Technology
With the new developed Endless String Technology the stringer is faster than normal double stringers on the market. The stringer can reach up to 1.200 cells / h with a very high precision of ribbon alignment. The stringer is available in 1.200 cells / h and as option in 2.400 cells / h. Tested by production profis.
Cheaper - very low cost on cells / h
Compared to other high end stringer on the market, the price per speed (cells / h) is very competitive. This machine is with best German patented technology (Patented DESERT+ soldering, J. v. G. reflow IR process, Endless String Technology) but the price per processed cells is extremely competitive on the market!
More reliable
Stringer have to be reliable and have to work! Only a working machine that do not make trouble when changing the cell type for example is a good machine. Our stringer has a very stabile process to avoid big maintance and adjustments while processing different types of cells (poly / mono, new cell pattern and so on). All the handlings and processes are minimized to avoid breakages or any other problems that can slow down your factory.
Very low cell breakage
Less tension in the cell making less stress and less breaking rate. With our patented DESERT+ soldering we can process cells up to 120 micron thickness.
Easy to operate
It is easy to train new operators on this stringer. The user friendly touch panel combined with the uncomplicated process makes it simple to work with this machine with a very short training time.
Easy upgradeable
How many stringers with 2 or 3 BB are useless because the producer does not offer  to upgrade them? The new Tabber-Stringer from J.v.G. Is easy upgradable to new technologies. All spare parts are designed to have a high availability not only from J.v.G. technology.

You are interested in our J.v.G. 12 BB Stringer?
Please contact us via the form, per email or phone +49 (0) 91 79 - 96 38 06 - Mr. Robert Schwab.


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