LED Flasher - turnkey pv line equipment

LED Flasher - turnkey pv line equipment 13.08.2012 - Quality assurance is an absolute imperative in the PV manufacturing. The solar specialist J.v.G. technology, based in Bavaria, is about to present on the dot at the industrial trade fair PV-SEC its new flasher model: the worldwide first LED based inspection device in the market. Its advantage? With it the test results will be more accurate than with conventional devices.

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PV modules with more efficiency

PV modules with more efficiency 08.08.2012 - Hundred minus 80 gives 20. What has this simple arithmetic to do with solar energy? Quite a lot! Because till now 80% of the solar energy is lost if a monocrystalline PV module generates electric current, and of this only 20% is utilized. But in near future a special nano-coating will change all this, reports J.v.G. technology GmbH.

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Solar module production for Bangladesh

12.07.2012 - Baneco Solar Energy Ltd. has decided to acquire a semi-automatic unit from J.v.G. technology that has an annual efficiency of 20 MW. However, by mid-2012 this is expected to be increased to 40 MW. The ramp-up is planned for the fourth quarter of 2012, which will be the last test phase before the market release.

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Photovoltaic technology for Bangladesh and India

Photovoltaic technology for Bangladesh and India 23.06.2012 - "Germany and India 2011 - 2012: endless possibilities. This is the guideline of the current visit of the German Federal Minister for Foreign Affairs in India. However, he will not only visit India, but Bangladesh as well. As a member of the business delegation, Patrick Thoma, Managing Director of Bavarian J.v.G. technology GmbH and of Jurawatt GmbH, is on board of the same flight as Guido Westerwelle.... Read more »