DESERT+12: New 12-Busbar-Technology

DESERT+12: New 12-Busbar-Technology 07.08.2018 - With 12-Busbar-Technology there is less shaded area on the cell and thus more yield!

Moreover the tiny round ribbons reduce the reflected light and increases the yield of the DESERT+12 pv module. Especially in hot areas, in combination with our DESERT+ foil, ALU frame and junction box you get much more electricity of our pv modules.

The combination of the raw material and the special DESERT+ soldering process benefits the pv cell with much less mechanical stress, which lowers the risk of hot spots, degradation and micro cracks. So DESERT+ pv modules gets a much longer durability of the module.

J.v.G. technology offers the new DESERT+12 with monocrystalline, polycrystalline, PERC and heterojunction technology glass/foil and glass/glass design.

In your solar turnkey factory you get these new and unique technology combined with DESERT+ from now on.

The picture above shows 12 BB DESERT+12 pv modules ... made with our special BB stringer ->

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