Solar module factory for Romania

Solar module factory for Romania 16.07.2014 - Leading technology by J.v.G. contributes to the development of solar energy in Romania

Freystadt, Germany – J.v.G. sells a specialist PV line to Romania.

Bavarian solar specialist J.v.G. has sold a six megawatt PV line to Romania. It incorporates an innovative LED flasher. The operator of the future factory has so far manufactured special PV modules with easy-to-plan dimensions for roof-top systems.

Romania isn’t a country that people normally associate with sun. Yet it offers considerable potential for solar energy. In particular, the southern part of Romania and the Dobruja region are comparable to Spain and Italy in terms of the excellent opportunities they offer for the exploitation of solar energy.

Romania currently meets its energy requirements predominantly with coal, gas and oil. However, it intends to substantially increase the contribution to these requirements from renewable energies by 2020 - in line with EU objectives. In the past, the “renewables“ focus has been on hydroelectric power and wind energy. Yet this will all change over coming years and decades through the increasing use of solar energy.

More details about our pv line solution:

Download solar-module-factory-for-roman.pdf

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