J.v.G. Thoma: Turnkey production line for BRAZIL

J.v.G. Thoma: Turnkey production line for BRAZIL 19.01.2015 - J.v.G. technology GmbH: Turnkey production line for BRAZIL

J.v.G. technology GmbH – DESERT Solar Systems, and Renovasol from BRAZIL have entered into an agreement for a long term partnership for the Brazilian market. In a first step Thoma will deliver a turnkey production line with 70 MW capacity and one year later it is intended to install another 70 MW capacity production line. The lines will include Thoma´s best process technology (desert and tropics technology) – which is unique for the Brazilian market.

This means, J.v.G. technology GmbH delivers the complete machineries, the unique J.v.G. desert process, the unique J.v.G. tropic process and all certificates for the factory and the J.v.G. desert solar modules. J.v.G. technology GmbH will provide for the installation, training and ramp up of the complete factory.

Thoma and Renovasol are jointly responsible for the factory building and integration of the module factory. It is planned to support Renovasol and cooperate with Renovasol also in the installation of big power plants in Brazil and supply Renovasol with the unique desert/tropic knowhow of Thoma.

Edmilson Santos and Jan Ruijsenaars, owners and CEO´s of Renovasol, have full confidence in the knowhow of J.v.G. technology GmbH and are sure to start in 2015 with first module productions, which are in the process of being sold for the first solar power plant installations in Brazil. With the unique technology and quality of the J.v.G. desert modules the company expects to conquer the Brazilian market and acquire a significant share in it.

It is also planned to sell the modules into other South American countries to other EPC´s and traders of Solar and to build up a network of sales agents and premium traders over the continent. With this activity Thoma gets a foot into the South American market which is becoming more and more important and can bring its desert & tropic technology also to the North American continent (USA and Canada).

Johann von Gott Thoma, CEO and owner of Thoma group, sees this as another important milestone for J.v.G. technology GmbH. This confirms the very impressive market leader function of Thoma in the market of high efficiency solar modules for extreme areas (desert and tropic). It also demonstrates the position of Thoma as one of the most important suppliers of solar equipment. All machines are made in Germany and built with the latest developments for desert and tropic module production.

Johann von Got Thoma informs that J.v.G. technology GmbH has the intention to acquire a clear market leader position in Brazil – a market in rapid and impressive expansion for SOLAR. Maybe one of the most important markets in the future?

“With the help of Renovasol, we can get into Brazil and South America and become an important deliverer of solar modules, play an important role for power plants and off grid solutions - can beat even strong chinese competition, with a very competitive local production ‘made in Brazil’”, so Johann von Gott Thoma.

About J.v.G. technology GmbH
J.v.G. technology GmbH is headquartered in Freystadt, Germany and produces in Hilpoltstein and Auerbach. It plans and implements entire solar plants and has solar component purchasing and sales operations. The international family-run company also offers consultancy services in the field of PV module production. J.v.G. has been in the market for 20 years now. It has made substantial investments in the development of new processes, leading to numerous patents and regular new process and product features. The company founder and CEO is chartered engineer Hans Thoma. J.v.G. technology GmbH is a J.v.G. Thoma Group company.

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