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Introducing the new J. v. G. Thoma Solar Stringer

24.01.2018 – J.v.G. Thoma is pleased to introduce the latest addition to their range of photovoltaic technology – the J.v.G. Thoma Solar Stringer. There are many advantages to this new tabber stringer, which uses Endless String Technology to work at a speed that is twice as fast as other stringers on the market.

One major benefit is the cost. It has a very low cost per cell and is highly competitive with other models on the market. However, although it is an economical choice, there is certainly no compromise on quality. The J.v.G. Thoma Stringer is made with high levels of care and attention to detail and, of course, the best state-of-the-art German patented technology in the industry.

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The J.v.G. technology Stringer is a high-quality model which means that it requires less general maintenance and has a process design that has been perfected by the expert designers. It’s a reliable model that has a very low cell breakage rate thanks to the patented DESERT+® and the specialised soldering process.

The new tabber stringer is also straightforward to operate. Teaching new operators to use this piece of equipment is relatively easy. This is because the intuitively-designed touch panel, together with the non-complex process means that the machine can be used after a very short training period.

Finally, the new model has been thoughtfully designed so that it can be easily repaired with compatible replacement parts – even from suppliers other than J.v.G. technology GmbH. And it is also possible to upgrade to new technologies when needed – giving the model a longer working life; much better for the environment and for your company’s budget.

All in all, the launch of the long anticipated new J.v.G. technology Solar Stringer heralds the dawn of an exciting new era in the world of photovoltaic production and solar technology.

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