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February 19, 2020


J.v.G. technology GmbH, a global PV module company, providing turnkey fabs with most advanced German process – to manufacture photovoltaic (PV) modules, announced they have now finalized a Process Management Software for PV fabs, as another JvG´s turnkey manufacturing product.

The new software provides all the process information to our pv module production lines. It will allow our customers and especially startups to bring new lines into profitable yields and volumes even faster than they can now,” said Mr. Rolf Drescher, product manager of the software development of J.v.G. technology GmbH. Customers and startups will be able to achieve higher average module efficiencies, reduce manufacturing costs and increase the quality of the modules significantly. JvG´s software will give the customers best German equipment, combined with latest German module process and now a factory process controlled by JvG´s Software.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to finalize this software ny now,” said Rolf Drescher and are planning lot of options for the future – in cooperation with our customers. JvG´s software is the first yield management tool specifically designed to help PV manufacturers to maximize the efficiency of their modules, as well as optimize their production processes.

Additional the software helps the customer to make optimized stock planning and to produce delivery notes and invoices automatically.

In case of failures or reduced power rates of the modules it is now very easy to find the reason(s) of the failure or reduction, by having lot of helps in the inclosed data base. With the barcode it is possible to find exactly the used materials and all parameters of the production for exactly that module.

Although it builds on Rolf Dreschers Software Knowhow in general – the software was completely designed from the ground up to accommodate the needs of PV module manufacturing. Using JvG´s Solar, PV production leader and process engineers can monitor the status of multiple production lines, analyze different paths through the process and material variations, evaluate individual process steps and variables/parameters, compare batches of incoming material with process and material lists, discover correlations and chart trends to maximize module efficiency, module quality and process yield.

JvG´s software stores data from every machine as stringer, washer, layup, busing, laminator, EL, highpot, framer and flasher- for every step in the manufacturing process. High efficient analysis, a statistical process control, and a knowledge data base for automated root brings important informations to the right people fast.

Also included is a shift leader software part, which allows the shift leader to monitor and
control the complete factory even via internet from home.

J.v.G. technology GmbH delivers the following services to customers:

– turnkey module factories (manual, semi automated and automated)
– complete German process
– patented latest German module process with higher yield up to 40 %
– most advanced cell efficiencies
– own certificates (in total 6 pieces mono and multi all types)
– own German machines
– own PV module production (45 MW) to show it to the customers and to make first tests
– own software and
– business plans for startups

We are the real experts!

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