You are currently viewing Series production of the new Glass/Glass Desert modules

Series production of the new Glass/Glass Desert modules

 Freystadt, Oberpfalz – Solar energy must now become competitive, as the honeymoon period is over. Considering the recent pressure on the industry, the focus is much stronger on innovations than until now. Thanks to its latest developments, solar technology specialist J.v.G. technology is offering attractive perspectives to investors and enterprises. The high-temperature module from J.v.G. technology, also known as Desert module, can be manufactured also in Glass/Glass design with immediate effect.

In these Glass/Glass modules, the so called cell matrix is protected by two glass discs. This offers advantages in many ways: the risk of microscopic cracks is minimized; heavy snowfall, storms and assembling pose far less risks for the modules. Just like the “normal” Desert modules these Glass/Glass modules, too, are 100% free from PID and can be fully recycled. Whereas until now Glass/Glass modules were considerably heavier than other modules, the new modules from Jurawatt have the same weight than the EVA standard modules. Other benefits: as Desert modules they tolerate continuous temperatures of 125 °C and peaks of 145 °C. In service, they generate nearly two to five percent more yield. And that too, for a period of, believe it or not, 40, 50 or even more years.

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Everything is possible: flexible multitalented
The new modules can be used as hybrid modules for power generation as well for heat generation – by integrating thermal collectors on the rear side. Optionally, a ground heat exchanger can be used or even warm water can be produced directly.

An achievement for man and environment – for decades to come
The new modules can be amortized for a period extending to more than 40 years. “At last, this development makes solar energy truly competitive against conventional energy sources“, explains Hans Thoma, General Manager of the J.v.G. Group. Apart from the fact that coal and nuclear energy are nowhere near becoming competitive if we were to take also the consequential costs into consideration.

Aesthetical solutions – new market niche for modules
What may be of interest to house owners and architects: the new Desert glass modules look particularly aesthetical and high class. Since they can be fitted with or without a frame, there can be innumerable possibilities of integrating them into the building and shaping. They are excellently suitable for making shades and marquees. Even this opens up absolutely new market areas for solar module manufacturers.

About J.v.G. technology GmbH
Whether it is about high temperature Glass/Glass module, CIGS flex module or nanotechnology for solar power: behind all these innovations stands J.v.G. technology GmbH that has transformed itself over the past fifteen years into a segment leader for turnkey production lines of solar plants. The experts at J.v.G. provide consulting and support to its clients all over the world. Headed by Diplom-Ingenieur Hans Thoma, the family enterprise has its headquarters in Freystadt in Germany’s Oberpfalz region.

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